CUSTOM- XZ1 Rim Blue Yellow HD Lens -Yellow Bottom frame

XZ1 Blu Yel HD.jpg
XZ1 Blu Yel HD.jpg

CUSTOM- XZ1 Rim Blue Yellow HD Lens -Yellow Bottom frame

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The XZ1 Rim has a larger lens that gives the greatest amount of options for fit and airflow. The fit on this frame has an amazing wrap fit.

The XZ1 Rim model has an interchangeable bottom frame and temples. If you are looking for a darker lens the Red Revo Lens has is best if you want a lens with High Contrast the High Definition (HD Lens) is your choice.

The Blue PhotoChromatic Cat 1-3 is the best option for all coditions, has a yellow tint for amazing contrast!

The frame can be bought with shield or with bottom Frame Only.

Designed for cycling, nordic skiing, canoe/kayaking and running in cloudy to sunny conditions.


  • NEW interchangeable black bottom frame

  • Adjustable temples and nose piece;.

  • Pin to Pin is 130mm wide frame

  • Vented frame and lens

  • Lens locking system

  • Anti-fog


  • Red Revo or HD Category 3

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate material



  • Blue Pink Frame/temple

  • Red Revo or HD Lens

  • Removable Black Bottom portion of Frame

  • Protective Sport Case

  • Cleaning Cloth


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