TRX Cycling Canada-White RED/BLUE Red Revo Lens

Cycling CANTRXWRB.jpg
Cycling CANTRXWRB.jpg

TRX Cycling Canada-White RED/BLUE Red Revo Lens

from 135.00

Four options on this model: All options include case and cloth.

Option 1 - $135 Red Revo Lens (Cat 3)

Option 2 - $189 Day Night NXT Transition Lens (Cat 1-2) The NXT lens is our most scratch resistant lens.

Option 3 - $189 Blue Transition Lens (Cat 1-2)

TRX2 models are 130 mm from pin to pin on the frame width. Sunny to moderately cloudy conditions CAT 3. All lenses are impact resistance polycarbonate with the exception of the Day/Night NXT transition lens which is a impact resistance optical polymer technology.

Every pair of ZiZU Optics eyewear has fully adjustable temples and nose pieces. See how to adjust them here.

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