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Our main objective has been focused on the continuous improvement of our range of products, working constantly to reduce our environmental impact.

We look forward to seeing you at the following events:

December 11 + 12 2021: Candy Cane Cup at Nakkertok

February 11-13 2022- Eastern Canadian Champtionships

February 18-20 2022: Gatineau Loppet

Athlete Profile: Jesse Bachinsky

Athlete Profile: Jesse Bachinsky


Para Nordic Skiing

"I’ve been on the Canadian National Para Nordic Ski Team for 3 years now. ⁠

Skiing kind of found me through a local hometown coach. Being visually impaired it was definitely a challenge to learn, but it’s changed my life and has become my passion! ⁠
I hope to inspire and encourage other people to take that step out into the great unknown, and go for it!!⁠

Being a fan of the great outdoors I also like to snowboard, mountain bike, kayak and rock climb! ⁠
My motto is “ I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t! I may be blind but my vision is clear!" ⁠


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