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We do not have a store location and we are currently assessing which events we'll be going to in the future. Check back for updates.

We offer a number of services to team clubs and suppliers. To learn about these services and our official suppliers, please contact us at info@zizuoptics.com or click the link above to be redirected to our clubs and suppliers page.


Our main objective has been focused on the continuous improvement of our range of products, working constantly to reduce our environmental impact.

Green Initiative

ZiZU Optics is taking steps to help keep the earth green.  Our glasses are made not only with the athlete in mind, but the earth as well. ZiZU’s are manufactured to be durable and sustainable.  Every part of ZiZU glasses are replaceable, helping eliminate waste of discarding the entire pair of glasses if a part breaks. With ZiZU’s you can replace the temples, frame, lenses and nose piece; that means your glasses can have a long life span. This saves our customers money, and reduces waste on the earth. We’d call this a win-win! 

As a company, ZiZU is also making changes on how we do business with the environment in mind. We are changing the way we process payments and eliminating paper receipts by going digital. We believe this step in going green is more convenient for our customers too. 

At ZiZU we are all about innovation and future thinking, so keep an eye out for the other changes we are in the process of making for a greener earth. We are committed to being a part of the conversation and solution for a brighter future.

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