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Athlete Profile: Anni Rohila

Athlete Profile: Anni Rohila

Cross Country Skier, Finland

Our youngest ambassador Anni is born in April 2009. She ski's with Rasti-Lukko team, which specializes in orienteering and cross country skiing.

She started skiing when she was 3 years old and joined a team when I was 5.  My favourite training places during the summer are Oberhof in Germany and Jämi in Satakunta region in Finland. During the training season I also go training to Vahterusring, Paimio’s Paippi and, of course, to Vuokatti.

Her career highlights (so far):
 -Finnish Championships HopeaSompa 2021 5th in the classic and 3rd in the team relay
-Summer 2020 track and field competitions, second best time of the season (Girls born in 2009) on 1000 m and the best time of the season on 800 m run.
-Vuokatti Aateli Race in the summer 2020 First place in the race in the age group of 14 years and younger. (2nd in the trail run and 1st in the upp hill skiing).
-Rollerskiing Nationals in Vuokatti (not Finnish championship status for Juniors) in the summer 2020 she won the classic sprint and skating distance races in the age group 14 years and younger.
-In February 2020 she was able to participate on the KLL (Finnish School Sport Federation) Championships organized at Kalajoki. She took the bronze medal on both days and she was the best skier in her age group 
-She participated in the world´s BIGGEST rollerskiing competition Blinkfestival in Norway in August 2019. She was 2nd in the uphill race Lysebotn Opp and won the City Sprint in Sandnes in the group of Girls 12 years old and younger.


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