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Athlete Profile: Libby

Athlete Profile: Libby


Libby has lived in Costa Rica, Canada and now lives in Utah. She has been a triathlete for the past 7 years, Boston qualifier and marathoner for over 10 years. 

Her athletic background consists of climbing mango trees as a child (back in her country of birth - Costa Rica 🇨🇷 ) and then later on becoming really “fast” at chasing and raising all her five 🖐🏽 children. 💪🏽 😂

For Libby, becoming an athlete later in her life was definitely a huge challenge. Everything she learned (from running, to cycling to swimming,  was pretty much without previous background, and it required many years and much more effort on her part). None of it came easy. But despite that challenge she never quit, because she loved how it was changing her for good.

She's dedicated many years and consistently have seen improvements in all the categories.

Despite her fears of open water she hs completed a full ironman (Boulder) and over 12 Ironman70.3 in the USA, Canadá and even in Costa Rica. Her goal is to one day qualify for IM70.3 World’s Championship!




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